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In the bridge and Infrastructure sector, our Bridge Design Team is able to offer the complete design of the works, in all project development phases: from feasibility stage to construction supervision. These services are started from geotechnical studies for design of foundation to detail design of related items.
This team is able to offer design of different kind of urban and rural bridges with different structural systems like:

  • Concrete and Steel Girder Bridges
  • Reinforced and Pre-stressed Insitu Concrete Bridges
  • Steel Box Girder Bridges
  • Precast and Insitue Cellular Bridges
  • Arch and Truss Bridges
  • Cable Stayed Bridges

You can find more details about experience of the team by clicking on below text. It should be noted that our mentioned reference projects has been done by the team together and except of this each of our bridge experts has valuable individual experiences in design, supervision and construction of several bridge projects.

To have more information about references of the team please CLICK here.