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About Us


Tunnelling in Iran is a very challenging and interesting job because of special geological conditions and dimensions of new defined projects. In the past using of conventional method statement (like Drill and Blast) was very usual in Iran but because of many new tunnel projects within last 15 years that they should be finished in time frame of clients utilizing of mechanized systems like Tunnel Boring Machines is being rapidly developed.

In this working environment some specialists have grown and one of the best made a group of the most experienced engineers named Tunnel Design Team.

The engineers working under this umbrella have been involved in different design and construction of tunnel and underground spaces projects individually and also all of them have been working together.

As you will find in the website we have designed different tunnels like metro, water, sewerage, cable, etc. with professional and cost-effective solutions, from planning and design to project management and consulting, as well as providing inspections and claim reports.

We could expand our business to other countries like Sri Lanka, Syria and Thailand. So it shows that the services can be provided at international level.

In addition to tunnel design, our team can offer engineering services of geotechnical studies specifically for tunneling and also design of bridges and infrastructures.

Our main goal is to be recognized by clients as a company on their side considering their benefits and making the maximum possible profits of a job. So our clients consist a wide range of project owners, consulting companies and contractors.

Our main advantage is that you as our potential client will receive your services promptly and at the most professional level that the best international consultants can provide.